She Held The Night In Her Eyes


She held the night in her eyes,
Torrents of golden surprise-
As a shooting star collides,
Behind a dark, shaded guise.

She owned the fire in her touch.
Turn to ashes in her clutch.
The heat burns nearly too much,
Until her passion becomes a crutch.

She harbored the sea in her voice.
Her western winds left no choice.
One could not help but rejoice,
In endless tides of turquoise.

She carried the air in her scent.
Daisies and fallen leaves torment,
Tickling the nose with portent-
Of hungered breaths never misspent.

She sheltered the morning in her taste.
On her lips, dewy dawns were placed,
While sunrise softly interlaced
Her skin, to savor and embrace.

Budding flowers and morning skies,
Alluring Oceans and fire flies,
She will be my ultimate demise-
She held the night within her eyes.


Calling Out Your Name

Ugh, I’ve been super busy this week. MIDTERMS. I swear next semester I am only doing scantron tests! Anyways, I thought I would post another video featuring the Australian band, “Uncle Jed.” This is their first appearance on “Australia’s Got Talent.” It’s awesome. They went on to win the show, obviously.

Hopefully this song will provide you with a nice smile and/or escape from a busy day. It’s been helping me deal with the terrible task of grading!!! ahhhhh!!!

America, The Not So Beautiful.

This video has been around for quite some time now. It was the opening scene to the premiere of the HBO show, “The Newsroom,” starring Jeff Daniels. In six minutes, he sums up not only the blatant problems of out once great nation, but how we really did used to deserve the label of “The Greatest Country in the World.” Although we are far from it now, it could be achieved once more, if people would pull their heads out of their asses and stop being so damn afraid.

Change is a good thing. Embrace it.

Not Like the Others

Photo Credit: Photography by KLC
Photo Credit: Photography by KLC

What if I told you
I’m not like the others.
What if I said
I bite my nails and my lip,
And multiple pens and pencils.
What if I admitted
That I hate when I’m wrong,
Especially when it means you are right.
What if I shared
That I’m still frightened of the dark,
Not to mention spiders, ghosts, and gray hairs.
What if I revealed
That I’m not always confident,
Yet would hate for anyone to know that.
What if I declared
That I have to be liked,
And being too acquiescent is a result.
What if I conveyed
That I don’t care for emotions,
I’d rather laugh and make a joke.
What if I confessed
I have imagined thousands of different lives,
Each one a stranger of my own.
What if I whispered
That I want you to stay,
For just one more minute, one second.
What if I let on,
That my smiles hide secrets,
While watching people walk away.
What if I finally blurted out
That I am not “Her”,
The diamond, the natural beauty, the bombshell, the vixen, or the girl next door.
What if I owned up
That I’m not what you imagined, not what you prefer,
And that’s just fine.

Latch (Latching Onto You…)

Sorry to do this to you all, but I’m featuring another Sam Smith song this week. BUT…this is actually a cover of a song by Disclosure that features Sam Smith, so it’s slightly different. Furthermore, you are going to love me for bestowing the lovely gift of this song unto all of you.

Lovely. That is the best word to describe this incredibly unique, subtle version of the original song, which is more of a techno, dance beat. Both songs are very catchy, but I must admit that I prefer the slower, broken down, acoustic version performed by the Australian band, Uncle Jed. The lead female vocalist has amazing range, and really seems to feel every word she sings.

Get ready for some impressive high notes! Enjoy!

“…Now I got you in my space.
I won’t let go of you.
Got you shackled in my embrace.
I’m latching onto you…”

There’s a Brighter Day

While watching Thursday Night Football, I became weirdly inspired to write some haikus. Here they are!

Missing piece of mind-
The puzzling answers lie,
In a box of wine.
(Where all answers lie).

Gray water though grime,
Clumping along the tarred street,
Yet, gold petals shine.

Sunday morning haze-
A foggy hangover mists,
Smile, football day.

Towers once had rose-
Destroyed lives, lost much too soon,
There, a tree still grows.

Sail Beyond The Sunset


Although these are only the last few lines of a much longer, amazing poem, they sum up the moral of this story. This poem, “Ulysses,” by Alfred Lord Tennyson, rivals Dylan Thomas’, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,” Shakespeare’s, “Sonnet 116,” and Charles Bukowski’s, “Bluebird,” (well anything written by Bukowski really) as one of my all time favorite poems. (This is probably why I have those last 3 lines of the poem tattooed on my rib cage…)

It doesn’t hurt that Tennyson decided to incorporate the beloved mythical hero, Ulysses (aka Odysseus) into his poem, as I have a weird infatuation with mythology and tales of epic journeys full of dangerous obstacles to overcome.

Ulysses is an easy character for most readers to get behind. While he has the rare, sought after qualities of a typical hero: bravery, strength, courage, loyalty, pride, and the admiration of (certain) Gods, he is also, human. He makes mistakes, gets sidetracked, is easily manipulated by beautiful women, and he even dares to test the the honor of his wife, for fear she is no longer faithful. So very relatable.

What is so inspiring about this poem is how Tennyson created a “Part II” to the already much accomplished life of Ulysses. In this new addition, after everything he has seen, experienced, and suffered through, Ulysses is still not satisfied. Life cannot simply be over. Aging does not equal death, and life should be lived till the last breath forces its way out of our lungs.

Although time, and that god damn fate, “make us weak,” we are “strong in will,” and will never be finished fighting for more; striving, seeking, finding, and never, ever yielding.


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